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In 5 days, plan out the perfect online challenge, to instantly attract the right audience, and casually sell your courses or services (even if you hate selling)

  • The list building method to get you a ton of subscribers who are willing to take massive action, while filtering out information seekers right from the start
  • Use 3 different ways to keep your new audience highly engaged and build deep relationships in a matter of days. 
  • Learn how to sell more, by pitching less (without feeling like the creepy door-to-door salesman)
  • End up creating personalized step-by-step plan for launching a PROFITABLE online challenge, no matter if you are just starting out or have a team of marketing ninjas in your corner.

CHALLENGES are proven to work over and over again by people and brands like:

  • Google (Online Marketing Challenge)
  • diamond
    DigitalMarketer (DM Engage Ch.)
  • Lisa Sasevich (The Sassy 21-Day Ch.)
  • Ryan Levesque (#kickASK Challenge)
  • Ramit Sethi (Save $1,000 In 1 Week Ch.)
  • diamond
    Derek Halpern (Launch Your First Online Course Challenge)
  • Pat Flynn (Build Your Own Brand Ch.)
  • and many more...

What our challengers are saying about this FREE training

I felt like we we're learning from someone who has been there and done that. I'm grateful for dozens of juicy tidbits Phill thought us. - Tammy A.

Thank you for training packed with valuable information. With your formulas I was able to create perfect challenge headline. - Simona F.

I love the challenge training. It gave me a lot of clarity on how to setup a challenge and get started implementing it!  - J.R.

I'm so excited to have completed this five day challenge with Phill. The thing that helped me the most was taking the pen and actually writing what my challenge is going to be. - Jacquie M.

About Training Host: Phill Sardi

I'm a digital marketing nerd from Croatia, creator of The Challenge Method, helping experts and course creators attract and convert ideal customers with the power of online challenges.

I've been in the online marketing arena since 2009., and fully focused my attention on running online challenges for the past two and half years.

In that period The Challenge Method has helped generate hundreds of thousands of challengers (leads) across multiple markets, resulting in millions in revenue, and thousands of long term customers. 

Here's what you're going to cover during this FREE 5-day training:

Day 01: You Challenge Type

Not every online challenge is the same! Discover which type of a challenge (yes, there are 4 different types) is ideal for your business and market, to get the results you want.


Day 02: Bulletproof Your Idea

Ever offered lead magnet or a product and got low or no response? Let’s not repeat that again. Nail what your audience really wants and needs before spending time on anything else!

Day 03: Get The Right Audience

We need to make sure your challenge attracts the right people. You'll learn my "challenge headline" formula, and how to craft compelling challenge name so it resonates directly with your ideal audience


Day 04: Step By Step To Success

You'll learn how to structure your challenge and help people get results in a short period of time. This is where most challenges you see online FAIL miserably, so you'll want to pay close attention

Day 05: Launch Like A Pro

Three proven ways launch your next profitable challenge like a Rock Star, no matter if you are "one (wo)man band", or have a full team of marketing ninjas in your corner.

What our clients are saying about The Challenge Method

The Challenge Method launch was the most successful launch that our business has ever experienced.

The goal was to get 30,000 leads, and we ended up getting 60,000 leads. But the best part of the launch was the level of engagement that erupted in our Facebook Group during the challenge.

JAMAL MILLER  //  Married And Young Founder

I've grown my list by thousands, I had filled out my group coaching program...

...and I have the best FB group in the world with my ideal clients! When Phill showed me how simple it actually is to run a Challenge Method promo , I was blown away! He lays out steps so perfectly, keeps all tasks in a logic and smooth flow, and helps you to connect with your audience.

MATEA TELLER  //  Love & Relationship Coach

Our customers loved the challenges and we'll keep doing them on a regular basis.

We're always looking for different methods to provide value to our community and keep them fully engaged. Running a #kickASK Challenge with Phill's help has proven to work extremely well.

RYAN LEVESQUE  //  CEO, ASK Method Company & #1 Nation Best-Selling Author

I was able to run the Challenge Method campaign, and build a community of over 2,500 dads!

If you’re looking for someone to help you put together a challenge, and optimize it so that you get the most out of every penny you need to invest, there’s no one better than Phill!

BRIAN MANALASTAS  //  The DadBod Coach

It's time for you to launch a profitable online challenge! Are you in?

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