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Dear friend and business owner,

Generating high quality leads is NOT an easy task.

Even more so when you consider everyone is getting bombarded with thousands of marketing messages per day . . . including you and your ideal customers.

And it’s causing people to have the attention span of a goldfish.

If you don’t give your audience a compelling reason to stop and interact with you, they’re just going to scroll by - and look for the other person or product to plug their brain and later on wallet into.

Lead generation is becoming way too expensive.

That’s especially the case with Facebook.

You see, just the the cost of ATTENTION is getting crazy high. 

And there’s no signs of stopping.

Dramatic Rise in Cost Per Click Over time Source

On average, in 2014 you had to pay $0.19 - $0.38 to get a qualified lead. Now it's from 9x to 15x more expensive  - and that's happening across all niches.

The days when you could drop a couple of hundred dollars on Facebook ads and get a ton of hyper engaged leads are long gone, and it’s not getting better any time soon.

So please don’t fool yourself by focusing only on the number of leads signing up for your freebies and lead magnets.

You may get hundreds or even thousands of people who are just freebie seekers, and will NEVER interact or buy from you.

Wasting your time and effort on the wrong audience is just going to drain your energy and wallet. Believe me, I've been there.

Only when I started to listen to people who knew what to look for, I realized what really matters.

And this is the QUALITY of your audience, the CONVERSATIONS you make and the ENGAGEMENT you maintain.

Look what Ryan Deiss - one of the best marketing experts in the world, has been saying for the past year:

Source - read more

Instead of counting on all the people who could potentially sign up, you have to filter out ONLY those who will stay engaged from the start.

You must also accept the fact...

The people you are trying to sell to aren’t naive.

They are savvy and becoming more and more “blind” to conventional marketing tactics.

This is why you can’t just put a great headline in front of them and expect them to buy.

And to add to it - over 97% of your market WILL NOT buy what you have to offer right away (provided you’ve piqued their interest and generated enough desire for your product or service in the first place).

So, how can you solve that one?

The answer to this is good old-fashioned trust building.

To stay relevant and stand out from the competition as the best choice, you can’t rely on conventional strategies for getting traction - you have to know how to create a lasting relationship with your target audience and then market effectively to your hungry crowd.

Done the “classic” way, that usually takes a lot of time.

Weeks, months, sometimes even years before they buy ANYTHING.

I’m saying usually, because it doesn’t have to be this way.

And anyone tried to convince you there’s no other way - is simply wrong!

You can easily create a flood of hyper engaged followers who are ready to pull the trigger as soon as you offer something… more about that in a minute. 

But, there's a catch!

How do you take someone through all of the phases of a customer’s journey the fastest way possible?

That question was my guiding light for more than 2 years. 

If you’re not familiar with “the customer’s journey” it is essentially taking a total stranger through a series of stages where they ultimately end up buying your products or services. 

Now this process usually takes weeks, months or even years for some people.
But it doesn’t have to.

After 2 years of trying, tens of thousands of dollars spent, and countless hours “in the trenches” I have perfected the answer to that question.

Funny enough - it was hidden in core human psychology.

Did you know that people respond in a very specific way when presented with a challenge?

Over thousands of years, this was embedded into us as a survival mechanism.

But only specific challenges presented in a specific way.

The trick to taking someone through the customer’s journey as fast as humanly possible (and make them buy what you have to sell) is to use the brain’s “bypass” switches for trust building. 

That bypass switch is also known as our "fight or flight" response.

Challenging your audience to "fight" (the correct way):

  • creates buzz around your product/service
  • makes people excited for what’s coming next
  • arouses curiosity
  • builds a sense of community
  • provides accountability
  • positions YOU as the authority 

… and most importantly - makes people resonate with you and trust you FAST, which means the moment you’ll offer something, your prospects will be primed to buy and become customers.

I have painstakingly distilled the key components of running a challenge and packaged it all into a step by step, repeatable and scale-able process called: 

What I’m about to reveal to you is a proven process which:

  • Attracts only the right type of customers for your business 
  • Revives “dead” audiences and rebuilds your relationship with them
  • Positions you as THE authority in your niche and makes people want to buy from you - FAST.

This step-by-step, hold your hand and lead you through the entire thing process will show you exactly how to flood your business with more customers and cash than you’ve ever imagined . . .

Here’s what it’s all about . . . 

You Need To Start Challenging Your Audience - TODAY!

Look, you can easily use challenges for growing your business - once you understand the fundamentals and bigger picture of how it can and MUST become an integral, long-term strategy of your business.

Running challenges the right way will make your prospects eager to part with their hard earned cash as soon as you offer something to purchase.

This is one of the most underutilized and little-known strategies for growing your business, and I assure you it can give you the “boost” to leave your competitors in the dust.

I bet you’re familiar with at least one of the following names or brands:

  • Google
  • Red Bull
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Mindvalley
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Russel Brunson
  • Tony Robbins
  • Jamie Oliver
  • Zig Ziglar
  • Jesse Elder
  • Jennifer Kem
  • Ryan Levesque
  • DigitalMarketer
  • Lisa Sasevich
  • Ramit Sethi
  • Pat Flynn
  • and the list goes on and on...

They ALL are running online challenges as part of their ongoing business strategy for years now.

"Our customers loved the challenges and we'll keep doing them on a regular basis.

We're always looking for different methods to provide value to our community and keep them fully engaged. Running a kickASK Challenge with Phill's help has proven to work extremely well."

- Ryan Levesque

Me & Ryan Levesque - CEO, ASK Method Company & #1 Nation Best-Selling Author

Wouldn’t you want the same benefits they are getting with online challenges?

And if your brain is buzzing with objection like:

“Yeah,but they are huge and well known, it’s easy for them”

Let me tell you this:

You don’t have to be a huge authority to start running an online challenge, but you can become one if you do!

If you are serious about growing a hyper-engaged community of clients and customers and getting tremendous results with your marketing efforts - this is the way to go. 

"I'm so excited today to tell you how beneficial and powerful and momentum driving was The Challenge Method Launch for us.

We generated 2,500+ new membership students and $600,000 in revenue."
- JAMAL MILLER (Co-Founder of The Miller Media Group)

Want to read Jamal's full case study with all the details of his successful launch? Click here

But first, let me shed light on some common questions:

Will Challenges Work In My Market?

​Yes, and the reason for that is simple - we’re all human.

So far we’ve successfully tested online challenges in more than 15 different markets.
We like to be part of groups and tribes - that’s how we survived throughout history, it’s simply hardwired into us.

We like to have fun, explore and get excited.

Using the framework I teach will develop a strong sense of community in your participants and position you as the leading authority in their world.
This works no matter if you sell products or services.

How Long Does It Take To Launch A Challenge?

It’s a common misconception that it takes a long time to launch a challenge for your business.

You may think it is lots of preparation, tons of planning and getting it all together.

The truth is - it can be done in as little as a couple of weeks when executed properly.

I’m about to show you how in just a minute.

Do I Need To Have A Big Audience?

Absolutely not.

Challenges can work for you if you have an audience of 20, or 20 000.

You don’t need to have a big email list or Facebook group to be able to bring in tidy profits.

The QUALITY of people matters here, not quantity.
And you will discover exactly how to attract QUALITY prospects.

Matea Teller

NLP Relationship Coach

I've grown my list by thousands, I had filled out my group coaching program...

...and I have the best FB group in the world with my ideal audience! When Phill showed me how simple it actually is to run a Challenge Method promo , I was blown away! He lays out steps so perfectly, keeps all tasks in a logic and smooth flow, and helps you to connect with your audience.

I Don’t Have A Product To Sell Yet, Will This Work For Me?

The answer is yes.

The reason for that is - sales is NOT the only goal of challenges.

Besides sales, you can use challenges to:

  • Let your audience tell you EXACTLY what they like and want to buy - so you can sell it to the easily
  • Build the most important asset in your online business - engaged online community
  • Deepen your relationship with your prospects, by demonstrating you are “the real deal”
  • Make them trust you more by helping them personally, instead of hiding behind some marketing automation
  • Help your customers implement your course successfully, and get results faster - which is a huge win-win for both of you

Brian Manalastas

The DadBod Coach

I was able to run the Challenge Method campaign, and build a community of over 2,500 dads!

If you’re looking for someone to help you put together a challenge, and optimize it so that you get the most out of every penny you need to invest, there’s no one better than Phill!

More Implementation, Less Talking

​You DO NOT need more information.

You do however, need the right information.

That’s why I’m super proud to introduce:

The FASTEST way to get from an idea to your successful launch in six weeks or less.

This is not just another theoretical course full of fillers, fluff and B.S. which was designed without real-world experience.

​Our clients and students have generated more than 500,000 leads and millions in revenue.

To make this as easy as possible for you, my team of specialists, and I personally, will help you implement what is required so you can get results FAST.

"Phill was hand holding me through my entire amazing challenge launch. If you have a chance to work with Phill, don't look further!  " - MIRNA BACUN (LinkedIn Consultant & Entrepreneur)

"I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Phil  - SAM GEE (Co-Founder of Gay Couples Institute)"

This is a 6 week group implementation program designed for maximum impact.

The program is limited to small groups of highly motivated action takers, to make sure everyone gets dedicated personal attention!

Each week, we will cover specific materials in a short, hard-hitting and easy to consume manner. 

Me and my team of specialists will personally guide you and your peers through this.

At the end of each week, we'll start implementing and adapting everything for YOUR business.

Together, we’ll be going through workbooks, spreadsheets and examples and my team and I will hold your hand through every step of launching your profitable online challenge.

Here’s short outline of our six weeks together:


Week One - Start With The End In Mind 

We'll focus on your specific business situation, your goals and available resources. Based on that you'll set the ideal launch outcome and map all the required steps to reach it. 


Week Two - Transformation Journey 

Time to focus on your audience, and dive deep into their needs, wants and desires. The goal is to use our six research methods to get to know your audience better than they know themselves, and model an ideal challenge experience for them. 


Week Three - You: The Expert 

This is the week when we'll focus on YOU and your super-powers to create your irresistible challenge content, that will instantly position you as a TRUSTWORTHY EXPERT during the challenge.


Week Four - Build, Build, Build 

Week four is all about getting down and dirty with tech stuff and building your challenge funnel. Not tech savvy? Don't worry, our resident tech experts will guide you through every step along the way


Week Five - Open The Floodgates! 

You'll start promoting your challenge using various free and paid methods, and focus on building the buzz around the upcoming live challenge.


Week Six - Launch Like A Boss! 

This is where the real fun begins - you'll launch your challenge, provide a transformational experience for your audience and sell your offer with ease.

What some of our students are saying...

I felt like we we're learning from someone who has been there and done that. I'm grateful for dozens of juicy tidbits Phill thought us. - Tammy A.

I love the challenge training. It gave me a lot of clarity on how to setup a challenge and get started implementing it! - J.R.

Thank you for training packed with valuable information. With your formulas I was able to create perfect challenge headline. - Simona F.

I'm so excited to have completed this five day challenge with Phill. The thing that helped me the most was taking the pen and actually writing what my challenge is going to be. - Jacquie M.

Can you imagine NEVER being ignored again, while getting your products and services the recognition they deserve?

And it doesn’t take a lot to achieve - you just need the right guidance.

Your challenge will take your prospects on a journey.

You will get them from where they are to where they want to be.

You will take them from being a non-believer to a believer in your business and brand.

Here’s Just a Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover Inside:

  • How to get your audience to know you, resonate with you and trust you in the shortest amount of time possible 
  • How you can exploit a hidden brain switch to make it irresistible for people to join your online community
  • How to use support and accountability the right way to maximize your success 
  • The 3 ways people respond to challenges and how to maximize response from each
  • A way to become THE authority in your target market which is so simple, yet so well hidden almost NOBODY uses it
  • How to discover the RIGHT challenge model to use for YOUR situation - this alone can be the single factor determining your success or failure
  • Why copying your competitor’s challenges is never going to work and how it actually hurts your reputation
  • The 5 critical factors which determine the perfect challenge type for you
  • A clever way to get all you can out of all you’ve got (this makes running challenges even with less than 100 people insanely profitable)
  • An ingenious way to get ALL of your challenge materials written and planned in record time
  • The most important reason challenges fail and how YOU can avoid that
  • Why it is infinitely better for you to have two challenge goals instead of one
  • The little-known “North Star” metric which measures the outcome of your challenge and why it is crucial to define it (you won’t have to look at 10 different metrics which just confuse you)
  • The sneaky “marketing trick” (used by companies in Silicon Valley) to uncover what your audience wants BEFORE you even start creating a product
  • You’ll discover how to make tons of sales without being “salesy” and make prospects actually WANT to give you money (this will be the only logical move in their minds)
  • How to avoid getting overwhelmed and keep your sanity to have a smooth, stress-free challenge
  • And much, MUCH more. 

"$23,075 in sales from a Challenge - Thank you Phill"
- LAURA PHILLIPS (Founder of Profit From Products)

Let’s Take a Look At What YOU Get

As a valued customer, in addition to the 6 week implementation program, you will get a lifetime access to the Challenge Method Masterclass course.

That said, the course is designed so you can go through it at your own pace and get the job done quicker, if you wish to do so.

You will get exclusive access to a private FB support community, where my team will be available to assist whenever you need help.

We'll also have weekly group calls to review weekly progress, and plan action steps for the upcoming week

You'll also get access to some of the most amazing bonuses, but more about that in a minute.

You’ll get access to my knowledge, experience and expertise and I will personally “hold your hand” through the entire process of creating and launching your first online challenge.

My method works and it’s been proven time and again in many different niches.
It’s simple, really . . . you follow the process, you get results.


I went to great lengths to cover everything you could possibly need, but if you have any additional questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you inside the private community area.

Now, You Might Be Wondering About The Investment

​Let me guess . . . you’ve probably been doing some mental gymnastics thinking...

“this will cost me a fortune”, right?


This exact framework that you’re about to discover is solely responsible for generating hundreds of thousands of dollars, in fact, the last time I helped one of my clients implement it, he made over $627,000 in just one week.

Now, if you want me to help you implement this personally it would cost you anywhere between $10,000 and $40,000 - depending on the project.

To make it more affordable for you, I’ve distilled the same insanely effective, battle-tested strategies for running successful challenges into this very program. . .

....and you can get in for only $1,997.

Plus, don't forget about the amazing bonuses....

Here’s How To Join other High Performing Action-Takers & Claim $2,141 worth in bonuses



And if accepted, claim these amazing bonuses worth $2,141:


Access to our flagship course, including 24+ videos, worksheets, swipes and templates. In short: all the materials you need to launch an overwhelm-free challenge

BONUS 2: Six Weeks of additional unrestricted FREE access to our VIP “First-Class Customer Success” mastermind (Regular: $850)

Get six weeks of additional dedicated support from our team, after the ACCELERATOR program has ended.

BONUS 3: The Ultimate Challenge Swipe Vault (Price: $97)

More than 150 challenge examples in one place. It's one of our most valuable brainstorming assets, and we're giving it away for the first time. 

BONUS 4: How To Run Highly Engaging Facebook Lives (Price $197)

Special training by one of the world’s leading authorities on social media. 

Just in case you’re still on the fence, I have decided to make this purchase absolutely risk-free for you with my ironclad guarantee . . .


I personally guarantee you will be absolutely thrilled with The ​Accelerator.

I want you to study it, ask questions and implement what you discover.

In the unlikely and unprecedented event you are not 100% happy with your investment, and can’t honestly see the value and the impact it can have on your life and business, send me proof you implemented at least the first module by providing workbook materials, and I will refund your money.

No hassle, no fine print.

It can’t get any fairer than that. 

The Choice Is Yours

I’ve done everything I can to convince you how valuable and transformative my Challenge Method ACCELERATOR can be for your business.

If you want a real-world tested, step by step program which attracts prospects like moths to a flame, positions you as the authority lightning-fast and makes them want to buy anything you put in front of them, this is for you. 

Check below to see why one of our long term clients things you should join this NOW!

Phill is the genius when it comes to not only the messaging, and marketing framework, but also to analyze your audience and see how they best resonate with what you want to accomplish in your launch..." - Jamal M.  (Founder of Married&Young)

To Your Success,

Phill Sardi
The Challenge Expert

P.S. Where will your business be in the next 60 days if you choose to do nothing? No doubt, still not attracting the perfect prospects, not being the authority in your market and not making the profits you deserve.

It no longer has to be this way. Join the Challenge Method ACCELERATOR right now while it’s still fresh on your mind . . . and to take your business to the next level where it’s you first, daylight second and your competition last! 

- Six Weeks of additional unrestricted FREE access to our VIP “First-Class Customer Success” mastermind
- The Ultimate Challenge Swipe Collection
- How To Run Highly Engaging Facebook Lives Training

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